How to Get Started With Us?

The fastest time to approval in the market, 4 simple steps, that's it!

1Set A Prudent Budget At first

Before getting started with us, evaluate your actual needs for money, current financial status, credit repayment potential & decide a loan amount you want to borrow.

Click the apply button to get started with us and tell us something about yourself. Please supply us the correct details for the successful processing of your application and quick hearing from credit lenders.

Once your application is received by us, it is forwarded to a panel of credit lenders instantly. Your application is carefully reviewed by credit lenders and they instantly let you know about the outcome (denial or approval of your application).

Approved funds are quickly credited to the specified bank accounts of successful applicants via online transfer. The repayment occurs automatically at the scheduled time as per the online loan agreement you ink with the credit lender you deal with.

Loan Options

Need money for your next awesome project? Our product development team has assembled the following loan packages you can choose from. Click on details


Doorstep Loans

Cash Window is provided at your doorstep. We help you to deal with unexpected financial problems without seeking any external help.


Loans for Unemployed

Unemployment can knock at the door or people at any time. It means you have no job which gives a stable income every month.


Guaranteed Payday Loans

Guaranteed payday loans offer a great chance for people on benefits to strengthen their credit scores by pay off the borrowed funds on the due date.


12 Month Loans

With Cash Window borrow a 12 month loans, no credit checks, fast decision, and cash ... anywhere in the UK within 1 hour.


Loans for People on Benefits

Loans for people on benefits work as a helping hand for people living on benefits in the UK. They are entitled to borrow small funds through these cash advances.


1 Hour Loans

Searching for a 1 hour loans of up to £2000 with the fast payout? Then use our cash window calculator to work out the repayment costs of the loan.


Unemployed Payday Loans

Nothing is more disappointing and frustrating when you live on a limited paycheck and unexpected expenses pop up all of a sudden. Whether you have an unexpected bill, Cash Window will help you find the much-needed funds to bring your financial life back on the right track without asking for financial help from anyone.

A Brief Overview on How We work and help Needy people in the UK

We act as a credit reference agency in the UK. With the website, we aim to help all adult UK people to get different loan products from authorised credit lenders. We believe that anyone can land in sudden financial trouble at any point in time. The situation becomes critical when you are out of funds and you don't have a sufficient cash reserve. In this difficult financial situation, you can get started with us at any time and try your luck with different useful loan services.

Just analyze your actual needs for cash, repayment potential and submit your application with us. We process your application quickly and quickly without any involvement of lengthy documentation, processing fees, and mind-blowing questioning from credit lenders.

Credit lenders process your application and get back to you instantly. We urge you to supply accurate and up-to-date information for the successful approval of your application. Applications carrying inaccurate information are quashed by credit lenders without any consideration.

Important Information You Should Always Keep In Mind

  • Get started with us only when you are out of funds and need additional cash immediately for meeting unavoidable financial needs,
  • The APR rate of short-term finances is always higher than the interest rates of traditional loans.
  • Don't take such cash advances to pay back other loans because you will be trapped in an endless cycle of debt.

Who meets the following terms and conditions can easily be eligible for such finances

  • He/she must be either 18 or more,
  • Must have an active bank account,
  • Should be employed with a minimum monthly salary package of GBP1000 and
  • Extended repayment duration of 12 months
  • Must have valid proofs of personal identification and residence.

Get Quicker Moeny into Bank Account

To Happily Enjoy All Small Moments In Life
No Credit Checks, No Need of Perfect Credit
No Collateral Required, No Need to Wait Longer… Quick Approval!
Expert credit counselors which can assist you

We believe in security. In fact, uses bank-level encryption FAQs to keep your information safe, so rest assured that your private monetary information will stay private.

You will need to provide some personal details so please make sure you read our terms & conditions and privacy pages.

Terms Privacy
Approval takes no longer than few Minutes and usually customers get a positive answer
Most of the cases with postive answers are due to correct personal information sent by customers
After the loan approval you will receive the money in your bank account in no more than 1 hour

It only takes 15 minutes to set up. Once your profile is set up, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have access to fast cash when you require it.

If you’d prefer to apply over the phone, our talented team is always ready to assist Give us a call and learn why Cash Window scores a 4.5/5 on Best Companies by Reviews.


Got Questions? Call Us

Loan seekers at are given a straightforward platform where they can forward their queries with ease and great convenience. Yes, here he or she without second though can share his or her views and reviews within short while. It is just that we would need valid personal details from their end to process their request within no time.

An Excellent Option from Traditional Way of Borrowing

Best Way to Borrow Quick cash! Now no more stress….no more phone calls…. no more faxing documents…. We can solve your money worries within 15 minutes.

Customer Testimonials


Very truthful and clear about repayment fees. Chatted to an online advisor who took my details and handled my query very professionally and was very friendly.

Jude Thorn

Very good explaining everything quick response on everything. Easy to deal with and no issues. Lovely way to help out when in need. Very much appreciated.

Roy Smith

Great service! Used it many times never had any issues. Quick payouts as well. Excellent service and easy to deal with. Fast and efficient and I’d highly recommend to anyone looking for a short term loans.

Marsha Singer

I have used CashWindow for the first time and have to say that they provide excellent customer service and fair terms and conditions to the loans they offer.

Lindsay Rune

Thank you for such an easy, quick and efficient process. Money arrived quickly and, as things go, your charges aren't too bad. Safe and easy to apply.

Ronald Spice

New website is so much better and easier. Also love that they tell you how much you are eligible, it helps a lot.

Ann Black

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