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12 Month Loans

12 month loans is a boon for any individual who is going through a tight financial situation, has no sufficient savings, and is denied the much-needed financial assistance by traditional financial organisations, friends, relatives, and neighboring.

Basically, it's small financial assistance aimed at solving the immediate and unavoidable financial needs of all eligible UK people. Regardless of their previous backgrounds, all entitled individuals are allowed to avail small funds for a period of one year for meeting different types of needs.

The placement of a guarantor is one of the conditions of the loan application, approval and acquisition when you deal with traditional credit lending institutions. So, all those people who are unable to place collateral are disqualified for the traditional loan product. In the context of this unique loan assistance, applicants are exempted from collateral placement. It is because their employees work as an assurance to the credit lender that they will get back the borrowed money once borrowers receive their paychecks.

You don't need to wander here and there, get involved in a lot of documentation and face complex questioning from credit lenders to avail 12 month loans no credit check. Just go online and type the loan on your favorite search engine. You get several web pages for the same. Read out the terms and conditions of different credit lenders and compare them with each other to find whose offers suit you the best.

Once you finalize everything with credit lender, complete an online application form and submit it online after checking it for errors. After successful processing and approval of your application, funds are wired into your account. The repayment takes place on the due date. So, its mandatory for you to maintain enough balance in your bank account for successful loan repayment, failing which you will be charged with additional fees as a penalty, which will make the loan repayment a difficult task. So, pay the loan off on time and lead a happy financial life.

Who can get 12 Month Loans?

Any British Citizen who meets the following terms and conditions can easily be eligible for such finances-

  • He/she must be either 18 or more,
  • Must have an active bank account,
  • Should be employed with a minimum monthly salary package of GBP1000 and
  • Must have valid proofs of personal identification and residence.

Are no guarantor loans going to cost me a chance?

No, not at all. You can avail the much-needed funds without placing any collateral against the borrowed money as your employment works as an assurance to the credit lender that you will pay off the loaned amount on due date.

Do you need loans without Guarantor?

To Avail 12 month loans, you necessarily need to have an active bank account in your time. Otherwise, credit lenders will not be able to deposit funds no guarantor needed.

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